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One of the main objectives of every living being is survival than living comfortably.

To achieve this you must equip yourself with some basic knowledge and technical know-how because without that surviving in itself becomes a struggle and that’s exactly what forces you into sharing this particular piece: 5 ways how to make money from beekeeping.

Beekeeping is not focused on honey production alone, it stretches beyond that limit. There are other aspects of beekeeping that are not pronounced but can earn an individual a living. So I need you to take a seat and ride with me as we dissect this together.

  • Sales and distribution of raw honey: I have talked about this in one of my articles on How to Start a Honey Business in Nigeria but I will still be doing some justice to it in this article. Starting Honey distribution does not entail having a bee farm or keeping bees in itself.

You can start your honey business by buying from a reputable or trusted honey dealer or beekeeper while all you do is package and distribute. This is less stressful as it requires no work on your part especially in keeping the bees and tending to their needs.

The good news here is that we keep bees and also deal in raw honey. We sell both in wholesale and retail. For those who have an interest in dealing in honey either as a business or a side hustle we are your best bet; you can reach me here: 08032912347

  • Start beekeeping farm: starting beekeeping or bee farm is a great adventure reason been is fun with some bee stings once in a while no matter how you try to prevent them. Lol, don’t be scared; it’s part of the job hazard.

I won’t be talking much about this as you can refer to my article on How to Start Bee Keeping in Nigeria.

Beekeeping is one business that’s still brooding in this part of the world and the good news is that you don’t need much cash to get started.

 With your land in place and as low as N20,000 you can build a hive once you are well equipped with the knowledge required viola you are on your way to being a honey producer.

But remember knowledge comes first. So don’t get started without learning the ropes of the business. At our farm, we do training for individuals and organizations but for those who can’t afford such services and still want to start, I have a book that will guide you step by step on the way to go.

CHECK OUT THE BOOK HERE: Bee Keeping Goldmine

  • Consultancy in Bee Keeping: this is for people with experience in the trade. Please don’t consult for what you know little or nothing about. As a practicing beekeeper with years of experience, it’s certain that you must have gathered enough knowledge.

This knowledge you’ve gathered shouldn’t be kept personal or hoarded for selfish reason.

You can make a living out of it by helping people solve their problems, and guiding them so that they won’t face the same challenge you faced while starting or during farming.

Consulting is quite wide and is not streamlined. You can either go into bee setup for individuals or corporate bodies that need it or you can just stream your expertise to training only. And if you feel you have the energy and capacity you can do both just like.

  • Sales of beekeeping equipment: over the years most if not all beekeeping equipment was imported from China meaning we don’t have Nigerian bee equipment manufacturers. As we all know this is bad for the economy of our country.

But recently we have some beekeepers who have taken such bold steps in a positive direction and I am glad to one of such. So this is another line of business that can fetch you good income. All you need do is get yourself a supplier who manufactures while you deal in the sales of the equipment.

To get started, you can contact me as we also produce in large quantities and distribute to those in need of them. Contact: 08032912347

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