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Starting a bee farm is most people’s dream, but the challenge most people face is to seat down and come up with the cost of starting one. In this brief article I will be writing on cost of starting a 10 Hive Bee Farm in Nigeria.

The article contains break downs of materials you will be needing, their quantity, unit cost and total cost.

The best part of it all is that I offer all the services listed there in. also its best to know that you can use this as a mini business plan to start and forecast where your enterprise is going.

The below analysis is the breakdown of the cost of starting a 10 hive bee farm in Nigeria. If you can check the calculation excludes logistics because that’s a variable cost and its price can’t be estimated and ascertain instantaneously.

1BEE HIVES1015,000150,000
3TRAINING  50,000
4BEE SUIT118,00018,000
5BOOT1 SET50005,000
6BEE SMOKER110,00010,000
                                                               GRAND TOTAL214,000

The following are subject to change due to market factors.

What is needed to Start the Farm

All the materials listed above are not needed at once to set up the bee farm. What you need to start the farm are Hives in Nigeria, attractant and basic training to know how to handle the farm.

While the bee suit is needed once bees start living in the hives. You need it as protective clothing while going to inspect the hives to see the production of the bees and to see if the hives are set for harvest, this will also need glove and boot to complement it and this will cost a total of N24,000.

The smoker is also needed during inspection but it serves better during harvest in order to calm down the bees and prevent them from disturbing you during harvest.

Lest we forget you will need a knife to cut out the honey comb and a cutlass to clear your path if the places where the hives are kept are bushy. These will also give you a total of N11,000.

NOTE: most of the equipment you bought when you start your bee farm is what you will use throughout the farming time except you decide to change any due to damage or misplacement. Bee farming is a onetime investment.

Cash Flow from Bee Farming Within the First Three Years

Our focus is on 10 hives. For the first year of installation let’s assume only 6 hives colonizes: “meaning it attract bees and they lives in”. Within after six month we should expect the first harvest.

YearsNo. of HarvestQuantityPrice
Year 1Single harvest5 hives – 25 liters25*4000 = 100,000
Year 2harvest7 hives – 35 liters35*4000 = 170,000
Year 3harvest10 hives – 50 liters50*4000 = 200,000

Above is just an estimate of what you should expect on the average from your bee farm if you decide to sell at N4,000 for at retail but honey sells between N3,500 – and N5,000 for retail at present.

Within two years of investment, you should recover back your money if you keep a tab of every cash inflow and cash out flow.

At NiyiRoyalz Consult and Farm, we help individuals, corporate organizations, Cooperatives, and businesses Setup up farms. To talk hit me up on the contact information below:

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